Welcome to our Interactive Map Tour of the 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry’s adventures during Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign, May through September, 1864, during the Civil War.

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The map tour shows how General Kenner Garrard’s 2nd Cavalry Division played critical roles. They captured two bridges needed to move infantry across the Etowah River. The cavalry aided McPherson’s Army of the Tennessee in the Battle of Dallas, then captured the important Allatoona Pass to control the railroad. The cavalry repulsed repeated battles on the army’s left flank at Noonday Creek. The 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry captured Roswell, destroying Confederate factories and among the first Union forces to cross the Chattahoochee River so the army could cross safely to Atlanta. The cavalry destroyed the Georgia Railroad at Decatur, Stone Mountain, Covington and Social Circle cutting off an Atlanta supply line. They manned trenches during the siege of Atlanta, then went on the dangerous Kilpatrick’s Raid behind enemy lines to cut off the railroad supply route to Macon, during which they barely escaped when surrounded using their famous saber brigade charge to ride through the Rebel line of fire!